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There are many companies that hire workers ,for seasonal help, during their peaks in business. Yes, technically this means they only expect you to stay for the allotted time they defined when they brought you on, but this doesn’t mean that that can’t change.

Actually, some companies will also use this time to ‘try out’ potential full-time employees. They may not tell you this, but if you make a good enough impression, they won’t want to let you go. Keep reading for jobs to look out for that have long-term potential and how you can make an impression that will make that employer want to keep you for good.

Common Seasonal Jobs

Hostess or Server.

Restaurants have different peaks throughout the year. Some owners and managers have resorted to temporary employment because they do not require a large staff during the slower seasons. Still, turnover is also common in this industry and it’s not always easy to find people that do a good job. Putting your best foot forward will show them that you’re someone they can depend on and shouldn’t let go.

Warehouse Positions.

Whether you’re packing up products or doing simple assembling of products, warehouses are in need of temporary work all of the time. During the holiday season, warehouses hire hundreds of temps because of the workload. Taking one of these jobs appeals to many because there is so much room for growth and stability in this industry.

Retail Jobs.

During the holidays, retail stores are bringing in a lot more product that needs to be unwrapped and put onto shelves. Some stores will even have people set up at tables wrapping up gifts for customers. There are a lot of odd jobs that require extra hands during the peak times in this industry.

Hotel Security or Room Service.

Another area of hospitality that experiences busier seasons is hotels. There are a lot of jobs that need to be done within hotels, and they often need to be done quickly. Because of this, having enough people is imperative.

Grocery Store Positions.

Similar to the warehouse industry, grocery stores will hire on extra help to get things out onto shelves and help bag up orders during the busy seasons. Think of your favorite grocery store the day before Thanksgiving, the lines can be crazy!

Ways to Go from Seasonal to Full-time

  • Show up on time. Showing up when you are scheduled shows your employer that you are responsible and care about your job. Being there on time demonstrates that they can rely on you and that you are trustworthy, which are two qualities that employers look for in full-time employees.
  • Have flexible availability. One of the most difficult parts of a manager’s job is finding people that are willing to switch around their schedules to accommodate the needs of the job. Most people tend to want the same schedule. If you are willing to cover shifts for people that call out, work nights and weekends, and switch shifts when people need a favor, this will go a long way in your managers eyes.
  • Do what is asked of you. Do the job as it was taught to you and do it well. This may seem obvious, but some people aren’t as thorough and efficient as others. If you can perform your responsibilities without having to be asked twice your employers will be thankful.
  • Take initiative. Keep your ears and eyes open for the things that matter to your employer and implement it into your work. Find little ways to help make their workload a little lighter. Do things as you see them do, and they will appreciate your initiative.

Staffing Companies Will Help You Out

Each industry has a set of skills that they look for in their employees. Staffing companies work with each industry to understand what they need and are always looking for people who can fit into those roles. If there is an industry you’re interested in, there is a staffing company that covers it.


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