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Warehouse associates are vital in ensuring that all processes and systems are being carried out efficiently in the workplace. Warehouses store materials or manufactured products before being shipped off to be sold, and it’s up to the associates to organize, maintain and move those items.

The warehouse associate duties depend on the size of the warehouse. If you are hired for this type of position, you will be responsible for duties such as receiving and processing incoming materials and the organization of the items kept in stock. The most important duties that you will carry out include:

  • Receiving shipments from delivery trucks.
  • Tracking and documenting the arrival of the shipment and departure times.
  • Ensuring all merchandise is properly labeled and handled with care.
  • Stockpiling merchandise according to size, shape, and type.
  • Tagging and labeling merchandise for organizational and tracking purposes.
  • Entering inventory data and logistics into the company’s software programs.
  • Operating all equipment used for handling and organizing materials (for example: pallets and forklifts).
  • Following specified industry procedures and standards to pack up merchandise for safe shipping.
  • Recording and organizing any damaged items.
  • Preparing all orders to be placed for shipment.

This is a great entry-level position to begin in the warehouse industry, and only requires a high school diploma, organizational skills, and enough physical stamina to do a little bit of lifting.


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