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There are a lot of qualities to being a great sales rep. With personality to persistence, selling can be a very lucrative career. Here we break down some top qualities of a great Inside Sales Rep.

1. Its about the numbers

Successful sales is in the numbers: the more calls you make, the more sales opportunities you generate. I am not saying that you have to work 24/7, but you should maximize your calling time to when prospects are most likely to answer the phone.

2. Research your Prospects

I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing the prospect’s business, which means knowing the latest industry news and trends. Inside salespeople have excellent research tools at their fingertips. LinkedIn , Twitter and Google can give salespeople who embrace these tools current and sometimes very detailed information, so there is no reason not to be well-prepared before speaking with a prospect. If customers think you are on top of things, they are more likely to want to continue the conversation.

3. Ask the Hard Questions – and Listen to the Response

Every prospect knows the difference between when they are being heard and when the speaker is just running through a script. Being successful at sales requires reps to have meaningful conversations with prospects. Whether over the phone or using video conferencing, customers must feel that extra-special something that tips them in your direction. Success in sales means asking questions that are pointed and are based on the previous responses of the prospect, not on a script or prior knowledge. If the interaction feels personal — if prospects feel that you understand their situation and can provide something of value, even if it is only information — then the relationship is going somewhere.

4. Care About Your Prospects

Prospects are trying to get their problems solved, and when you take the time to listen and learn more about their business challenges and needs, you instill a feeling of being understood. Prospects buy because they know that we — as salespeople, but more importantly, as fellow human beings — get it.


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